Social Study Evaluation in McAllen-Edinburg, TX

A social study is a detail report that may be requested by an attorney or a judge to determine the living conditions the parents to make a decision about child custody. The ideal evaluation for a social study is a Psychologist train in child behavior since their experience might prove to be the most beneficial when determining what parent might provide the most emotional and physical support for the child. Our experienced staff in McAllen can help make adequate evaluations for each individual case.

How is a Social Study documented in McAllen, TX?

A Social Study is considered a process and might require in-depth evaluations about employment, education, relationship status, family bonds, and general living conditions that might help the courts make the best decision when ruling over a custody case. Sometimes extended family members might be included in the Social study to help with the overall home evaluation. The circumstances of the child are carefully considered in the social study report and third-party documentation might be used as supporting evidence of the recommendation.

Do family dynamics play an important role in a social study?

Social Study

McAllen Child Custody Social Study

Yes, the ideal social study considers most aspects of the child’s life such as disciplinary practices, health, and relationship with other at home family members.  The court can take the assessment as a whole or use individual aspects of the social study to make a ruling. Most social studies also include detail recommendations about parental responsibilities and custody arrangements as well as for counseling recommendations for other family members.

At the San Antonio Counseling and Behavioral Center we provide court-ordered social studies for judges and attorneys. Contact us for more information: (956) 387-0700

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